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Plug your heater into this 120v, 15a outlet, and it will turn your Lil Bill's Heater on at 35 degrees f.
Battery Heater
Great for automobiles, trucks, farm equipment, RV's, and most anything. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and is flexible. Comes with 4' cord. As the heat rises, it evenly warms your entire battery for Summer like full charge starts.
220 VAC 225 Watt Heater
This 4" X 5" Heater is great for heating 6-14 quarts.
No Plug - only wire leads-You wire in as you need.
No Adhesive - use silicone that you must supply to attach
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Dual voltage Heater
4 inch X 11 inch, (102mm X 279mm) ,120vac and/or 12vdc heater. Great to wrap around a diesel fuel filter to keep warm while sitting and driving. Other uses such as with Nitrous kits. 100 watt. Attach with hose clamps, which you provide. Plug into wall type outlet and/or wire in to DC switch on vehicle.
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